Meet Jim Carns

Alabama House of Representatives

* Represented South Jefferson and North Shelby counties from 1990 to 2006

* Co-Chaired 18 member Jefferson County Legislative Delegation – elected by his peers three of his four legislative terms

* Served as Chairman of the House Republican Caucus, serving as Minority Leader

* Served as Chairman Industrial Development and Economic Growth

* Served on Rules, and Ways and Means Committees

* Operated with a no-nonsense approach to spending and a proven record of opposing new taxes

* Lead both House and Senate in support of pro-business legislation

Drafted, sponsored, and passed welfare reform legislation in Alabama during his second term as Chairman of Alabama’s Welfare Reform Commission causing Alabama to be ranked in the top five states in implementing welfare reform

* Remained steadfast in support of strong and effective Voter ID for Alabama by writing and sponsoring the bill that became law in 2003

* Wrote and passed landmark drug intervention legislation requiring strong anti-drug education in every public school

* Championed pro-family legislation, education issues, and tort reform

* Passed landmark legislation that set up the Holocaust Commission

* 2017 “Lawmaker of the Year Award” by Alabama Independent Insurance Agents for Outstanding Service to the Citizens of the State of Alabama.

Jefferson County Commissioner

* Elected to the Jefferson County Commission in 2006

* Served as President Pro Tem from 2006-2008

* Chairman of the Association of County Commissioners of Alabama Finance and Taxation Steering Committee

* Member of the National Conference of Republican County Officials

* Stood for financial responsibility as commissioner, and worked hard to resolve bond crisis without raising taxes.


Alabama House District 48