BJCC Project

Project Goal – $305 million Renovation & Expansion

The Arena

  • Historically Birmingham has hosted Regional Basketball tournaments. This renovation and modernization will bring the facility up to meet and exceed NCAA standards
  • Total cost approximately $123 million

The Stadium

  • Proposed new stadium will create a 45,000 to 55,000 seat stadium for football, soccer, concerts and other year round events
  • Cost of stadium $175 million

Expanded Exhibition Space

  • This will allow Birmingham and BJCC to attract national and regional conventions that Alabama has not been able to compete for

Investment and Tourism

  • Expansion of the BJCC is an investment in Tourism
  • Tourism is an important economic engine. Visitors to the Birmingham area spent over 1.5 billion dollars while staying in Birmingham in 2016 creating over 40,000 jobs, over $950 million in resident wages, approximately $80 million in local government revenues and over $140 million in state revenues.
  • Operations of the BJCC generated over $217 million in economic impact in 2016 employing over 2500 people generating over $73 million in resident wages.

The BJCC is an important activity hub for the State

  • On an annual basis, the venues and operations of the BJCC see 1.5 – 1.7 million people, both area residents and visitors, come into Alabama to experience what makes Alabama unique and special. It is an important hub, for sports and entertainment, performing arts, community events, consumer and educational events.
  • Cities and State are often measured by the quality of their public venues for arts, entertainment and sports. Birmingham was once a regional leader in the quality and diversity of its public venues. When the BJCC opened in 1974 it was a shining example for other cities and communities to aspire to. Investments being planned today will lay the foundation for Birmingham and Alabama once again move into a competitive position within the region.

Expansion of the BJCC is an economic development project

  • Expansion and modernization of the BJCC during construction is anticipated to generate over $325 million in economic impact, over $130 million in wages and employ over 3,700 people. Ongoing operations are projected to generate another $42 million in economic impact annually, over $4.5 million in additional wages annually and employ and additional 147 people.
  • Combined with the existing operations of the BJCC, the total annual economic Impact generated by the operations of the BJCC will be over a quarter of a billion dollars to the Birmingham area
  • Construction estimates are expected to generate over $6.5 million to the State.


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